6.1.        The payments accepted are the following:

-          Credit card / PayPal, at the time of the sending of the Purchase Order;

-          Bank transfer to the following bank details IBAN  IT88H0569656070000020200X72 executed on 7 (seven) working days from the Purchase order. Payment description: nr. of Purchase Order, Buyer details.

6.2.        The Buyer must be the holder of a credit card that is valid at the time of the Purchase Order. If these requirements are not met, it will not be possible to proceed with the Purchase Order.

6.3.        The Seller is not able to know the Buyer credit card information, which are not used/registered/filed.

6.4.        The Seller cannot, in any case, be considered liable for any fraudulent or undue use of credit and prepaid cards by third parties.

6.5.        The Seller undertake to verify the correctness of the Price before the Purchase Order Confirmation. When the mistaken Price is lower than the correct Price of the Product, the Buyer may decide to cancel the Purchase Order or confirm it, without any charge. In case of confirm, the Buyer will pay the lower Price.