"Stella Pecollo" by Maurel is the first clothing collection born from Maurel's tailoring experience and the Body Positive philosophy promoted by the actress, author and activist Stella Pecollo.

The Mission of this project is to create a new world of fashion in which it is possible not to have sizes but characteristics, not to necessarily adapt to some stereotypes but to fight them, not to be discouraged in front of numerical labels but to be inspired by positive and motivational thoughts. From the details of the seams, to the totally original patterns, to the models, fabrics and packaging, everything is designed following the high standards of the "made in Italy".


"For years we have been told how to dress, what colors to wear, which models of clothes we should dress or avoid; it's time to stop! We need to reclaim our freedom of expression in all areas, including clothing. Fashion it's not a superficial thing; how we dress represents our way of being and our freedom of expression! "

"Today, if I want to wear a crop top, shorts, a striped or super colorful dress, I do it without asking myself what others may think; I don't care! The thing that matters to me is to wear clothes that make me happy , confident, that give me joy and allow me to express my colourful personality. I really hope I can change that. I decided to roll up my sleeves and do my part! “

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Price €159.00
"Dress in Black, it makes you look thinner! Cover Your Legs If You Have Cellulite!" Dress with crossover neckline, half sleeves, high...


Price €178.00
"Hide! Don't Get Noticed! Dress in Black and Don't Uncover Your Arms!" Dress with square neckline, half sleeves, high waist, knee...


Price €159.00
"Wear something “bin-bag like” , very very large, so you hide the defects!" Dress with crossover neckline, half sleeves, high waisted cut,...


Price €299.00
"All Superstars are thin! They are size 38! You can't be Sexy and run the red carpet if you're Curvy!" Crew-neck dress, sleeveless, with...


Price €214.00
"You cannot be elegant and classy if you are overweight, because you would look funny " Sheat dress with "V" neckline, 3/4...


Price €76.00
"All mermaids are thin, didn’t you see it on tv?Cover up your belly and don’t you dare wearing a crop top" Crop top t-shirt, crew neck,...


Price €79.00
"Forbidden the shorts if you have cellulite on your thighs, you need to cover up that" High waisted microfibre shorts with ruffle detail...


Price €84.00
"Don't wear white clothing that gets thicker" T-shirt with "v" neckline and short puff sleeves. the model as a printed pattern on the front...


Price €108.00
"Don’t you dare wearing a short skirt if you have big tights!” Pencil skirt with adjustable elastic at front and back, knee lenght. The...


Price €185.00
"Oh so you wanna be a princess?Come on, all the princesses of the fairytales are tall and skinny" Lond Dress with "V" neckline, high...


Price €209.00
"Cover up your arms and don’t you dare wearing horizontal stripes, they make you look bigger" Boat-neck, high waisted, sleeveless,...


Price €99.00
"Don’t ever wear tight tops, they enlighten all your flaws!And don’t wear anything too extravagant" Crew neck, sleeveless t-shit with...